Treasures Island Screensaver

Treasures Island Screensaver

Treasures Island Screensaver shows images of a cartoonish island
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Treasures Island Screensaver is a nice screensaver that shows images of a cartoonish island as screensaver. The screensaver depicts an island with a ship, animals, and cute pirates. It even includes a clock in one of its corners. The images can be played in order, shuffled, or can be intelligently randomized. You can select the flash size to fit your screen, have the original size, or be in full screen. You can also select the flash quality, which I consider you should choose the highest. It even allows you to select the background color. The screensaver can be set to exit on a mouse event, mouse button press, keyboard button press, or when pressing the ESC key.
Unfortunately, this screensaver is a bit repetitive, since it only includes two salient images one at night and one during the day of the same place, and others that offers slight variations, like some movements, etc. It also lacks an option to choose the transition time between one image to the other, which would definitely be great, or the ability to select just one the images.
Regarding the graphics, they are nice, but not impressive. However, sound effects are good, perfectly resembling the natural sounds of an island.
In short, Treasures island Screensaver is just another free screensaver, which definitely doesn't include impressive characteristics but may work for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice cartoonish graphics
  • Includes a clock
  • Pretty customizable


  • Lacks an option to select the transition time between images
  • A bit repetitive
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